Last Minute Attendees Throw Planners for a Loop

In recent years, changes in attendee registration behavior have thrown a wrench in the best laid plans for event organizers and suppliers alike. An astounding 43 percent of conference-goers now register within the four weeks before the event date — many registering onsite. 

 The Maritz Registration Insights Report explores who these late registrants are, and how their engagement and spending patterns differ from those who register earlier. By understanding registration behavior, organizers can optimize marketing efforts, messaging and pricing strategies to drive more revenue and value.  

This report analyzes data across events to address:
  • Can timing of registration opening and early-bird pricing be better aligned with new attendee behaviors?
  • What are the spending behaviors of those who register later?
  • Are late registrants more likely to be first-timers?
  • Are late registrants more likely to be within driving distance of the event’s location?  
  • Are late registrants more likely to be exhibitors vs. general attendees? 

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